ON TREND, contemporary COLOR AT HOME

New colors of Corian® and Zodiaq® developed with modern residential interior design and style in mind.

Zodiaq® Concrete Carrara – The variations of white exposed brick and rich-colored wood flooring, combined with floating shelves plus an up-to-date classic look allow for Concrete Carrara to perfectly complement without doing the heavy aesthetic lifting. The multiple gray colors from both Corian® and Zodiaq® coordinate with a wide array of colors, and are easy to design alongside many different materials and spaces within the home. Gray has become a go-to color that remains simple, balanced and chic for nearly any interior. Sign up below to see more in our FREE Color Trend Guide.

Corian® Deep Smoky Pearl – Whether surrounded by a highly polished, reflective black finish, raw stone and water elements or ultra-modern cabinetry, Deep Smoky Pearl is the perfect neutral complement to add a touch of refinement and warmth in the home. With its broad appeal for multiple rooms, vertical applications and more, Deep Smoky Pearl along with each new gray from Corian® and Zodiaq®, plays more than fairly with contemporary appliances, glass tiling, brass and much more. Sign up below to see more in our FREE Color Trend Guide.

Corian® Modern White – Establishing a clean and flawless look to show off other interior features is easy for Modern White and the new, lighter colors of Corian® and Zodiaq®. Polished nickel fixtures, angular designs, and and near gold-like wood stains are accentuated to deliver on the contemporary looks so sought after in the current interior design world. White hues, even grays, have an advantage in that they can be utilized as the design chameleon and provide a much needed balance between warm and cool, to bring about an inviting space. Sign up below to see more in our FREE Color Trend Guide.

Zodiaq® Mossy Oak – Lushness breathes life in to any interior, and Mossy Oak, along with the new greens and browns of both Corian® and Zodiaq®, helps to deliver a transitional color that can display as traditional or modern. Among ornate materials, fixtures and accessories with mixed sheens, the earth and nature-influenced patterns add a feeling of tranquility that can strategically transform a room in to a paradise. Sign up below to see more in our FREE Color Trend Guide.

Zodiaq® Indigo Swirl – Serene spaces such as bathrooms require a cool and calming touch, perfectly added via Indigo Swirl. Many of the new colors of Corian® and Zodiaq® are a new dynamic representation of bringing current and future trends in to that which is seen as classic and traditional - in this case, delivering a navy-inspired hue with a plethora of patterned detail to this bathroom countertop establishes a fresh feeling. A perfect pairing with wood, chrome and white aesthetics, the new blues and more are ready for any home. Sign up below to see more in our FREE Color Trend Guide.


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