The New Colors of Corian® Solid Surface

The New Colors of Zodiaq® Quartz Surface

The 2013 Color Trends

Color can engage the senses and enhance moods. These new aesthetics were crafted to spark the imagination, creating a palette that reflects and appeals to today’s market. Derived from the organic beauty of nature and influenced by the ever-changing world around us, are three new trend stories: Solidify, Interference and Raw. The new Corian® and Zodiaq® colors are inspired by these elemental trends.

A moody palette of ghost-like grays is inspired by a future in transition where ethereal, lightweight materials change state. As the temperature drops, ice crystals reveal a cool palette of whites and frosted grays, bringing a soft opulence to rigid surfaces. These transient tones complement misted, sensory finishes, as mixed metals and mirrored specks are set within frosted solids. Glacial surfaces are cracked, and dispersed shards are forged, creating stunningly intricate patterns.


This story encompasses the mystical and spiritual, the sparkling and the glamorous. The rich contrasts of nature create a dynamic interplay of warm shades and cool tones for an aura of comfort. Deep hues offer a soothing environment, while metallics and semiprecious stones provide subtle shimmer and allure, maintaining the natural feel of organic color variations. Glitter speckles are suspended in frosty semitransparent material for soft focus. Rose-toned marbles and mica-covered granites fill the palette with warmth, while irregular hammered copper and brilliant gold flakes deliver drama.


Nature and the handcrafted blend with polished effects for the authentically beautiful feel of honest luxury. This back-to-the-basics approach embraces the forest, handmade design and natural materials, offering a respite from harsh, daily realities, and opens up the possibilities for fresh, soothing applications. Optic-tinted whites and pearl effects echo an interesting, yet genuine, respect for earthy elements. Shades, tones and patterns work together in gradients, reflecting the variations inherent in raw materials, playing homage to the purest of aesthetics.

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