Corian® Movement Bar

Corian® returns to Design Pavilion with a new creation for public gathering envisioned by the design team of Birsel+Seck. Birsel+Seck is an award-winning human-centered design and innovation studio led by industrial designers Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck.

For the Corian® installation at 2017 Design Pavilion, they are interpreting what movement means in the lively, vertical, highly trafficked, phenomenal public space, Times Square. They have rethought the quintessential “bar” — as a gathering place, a place to pause, people-watch, rest and take it all in, using Corian® as expression.

Corian® brings dynamic science to the discovery and development of innovative products and services, and is committed to increasing the beauty and performance of building systems and creating more healthy, sustainable structures.

In commercial and distinguished residential environments, Corian® can be used to create unique, beautiful design statements through numerous applications, including wall cladding, countertops, furniture, lighting fixtures and decorative pieces. Corian® is widely used for its superior performance where attractive aesthetics, design flexibility, durability and clean-ability are high priorities.