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Building Envelope Systems - United Kingdom & Ireland

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Find a Regional Manager – DuPont™ Tyvek®


Peter Brown
Regional Business Manager
South East and London
Tel: 07764 837502
Email: Peter-Phil.Brown@dupont.com


Vitas Kris
Regional Business Manager
Central England, Midlands, East Anglia
Tel: 07793 307358
Email: vitas.v.kris@dupont.com


Jay Macdonald

Northern England, North Wales
Tel: 07768 917624
Email: Jay.Macdonald@dupont.com


Grant McMahon
Regional Business Manager
Scotland and North East England
Tel: 07557 590849
Email: grant.g.mcmahon@dupont.com


Ronan McCormack
Regional Business & Technical Manager, Ireland
Tel: +353 (0) 87 9222 740
Email: Ronan.McCormack@dupont.com 


Sue Longman
Regional Sales Manager
South West
Tel: 07766 133005
Email: Sue.Longman@dupont.com


Anita Padmore
Regional Business Manager London North, East, West and East Anglia
Tel: 07764 837505
Email: Anita.padmore@dupont.com


Ronan McCormack
Regional Business & Technical Manager, Ireland
Mobile : +353 (0) 87 9222 740
E-mail : ronan.mccormack@dupont.com