Shape the Future in Deep Colors
Deepen your palette with new DuPont™ Corian® DeepColor™ Technology
Richer, darker colors allow designers, architects and fabricators to achieve tones they never thought were possible using Corian® solid surfaces. See what they are making, thermoforming and carving now.


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Shape the Future - Join the competition
Shape the Future Design Challenge - In collaboration with Metropolis Magazine
You push boundaries to make the impossible practical. Now we ask you to focus your visionary thinking on the original, time-tested material: DuPont™ Corian® solid surface.

Show us how you would transform this familiar 20th century material into 21st century, tech-age environments, surfaces, spaces, structures, art, furniture and objects, that might enliven such building segments as: Healthcare, Workplace, Education, Retail, Residential, Hotels, Restaurants, Transportation, Institutional and Cultural.

The competition is over, but stayed tuned the winners will be announced soon!
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Creating With DeepColor 
"An Overload of Geometric Reflection"
Designer Giles Miller Creates a Grooved Louvres Desk
2013 – The London Design Festival commissioned Giles Miller, a designer who had never worked with DuPont™ Corian®, to make a functional design piece with new Corian® Deep Nocturne. As the first point of contact for Festival visitors at the Victorian & Albert Museum, the desk is made using intricately machined panels designed to use light, to reflect and play on the angled and etched Deep Nocturne surfaces.

"Seamless Depth of Color in Shaped Surfaces"
The DuPont Surfaces 2014 exhibit at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show highlighted the ability to create complex shapes and patterns using DeepColor™ technology. The display showcased the greater depth of color and functionality of the material.

"Smart Surfaces: DuPont™ Corian® solid surface combined with advanced wireless charging technology"
Elegant installations combining the design versatility and sensorial beauty of Corian® with advanced wireless recharging solutions from Powermat Technologies: these recharging units - able to charge smartphones though an extremely simple charging accessory.”

Working in DeepColor
  • Deeper Cutting
    "We normally work with metals and other very reflective materials. Before we made the final desk, we laid the tiles out on the floor of our studio and saw the effect of the reflection. We were blown away by the ability to make intricate profiles and have them all reflect light."
    Giles Miller
    Giles Miller Studio
  • Color Advancement
    "You can see the texture and the luster – it’s the same material all the way through – what’s really nice is, as a designer, you get the feel for the depth of the material when you carve into it."
    Jonathan W. Thompson, AIA, LEED AP
    Thompson Young Design, LLC
  • Unlimited Potential
    "R.D. Wing has been producing unique and complex fabrications in Corian® for 15 years. Corian® DeepColor™ provides a unique new perspective on the unlimited design potential of Corian® products and a means for us to expand ideas and create beautiful one of a kind elements. We look forward to using Corian® DeepColor™ as we strive to successfully complete the most challenging projects."
    Rick D. Wing
    R.D. Wing Co., Inc.
  • Clean Aesthetics,
    Polished High-End Look
    "What’s really great about the new DeepColor™ Technology is that now you can thermoform exceptionally well while retaining that clean aesthetic and depth of color throughout – you can really blend the surfaces together giving it a uniformity and polished high-end look."
    David Ruthven
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