An exhibition organized by
Corian® Design and Design Pavilion™

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From May 18-22, Design Pavilion™ week of design will be the setting for a remarkable, exhibition: a five-day cultural event, bringing design and innovation directly to Times Square's newly renovated plazas.

The Corian® Movement Bar serves as a public gathering place envisioned by the design team of Birsel+Seck. While Corian® Cameo No. 3 represents the intersection of music, touch, light and social interaction, where sound exploration becomes the genesis of art in a new and intereactive way.

Location: Times Square, NYC
42nd-43rd St
Between 7th & Broadway

For PR requests, please contact:
Dani Mackey Communications
910 17th Street, NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20006
(703) 283-9698

Preview the Exhibits:

Corian® Cameo No. 3 - The piece designed by ZGF Architecture transforms Corian® into a soft and atmospheric sculpture that allows a play of LED-driven light to glow through, while a multi-zoned sound system plays music and sound physically through the piece via three touch-activated podiums so that individuals can conduct their experience by way of music and light.

Corian® Movement Bar - (Corian® returns to Design Pavilion with a new creation for public gathering envisioned by the design team of Birsel+Seck. For the Corian® installation at 2017 Design Pavilion, they are interpreting what movement means in the lively, vertical, highly trafficked, phenomenal public space, Times Square.