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Power up your home with a

DuPont Corian® Charging Surface

Make your home smarter - now you can
recharge smart devices wirelessly.

how to power up


Connect a receiver - a ring or charging case, to your smart device.


Put your device on the charging spot, and power up.

Charging Surface is compatible with nearly all smart
devices when using a charging ring attachment.

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On the outside, this is one of our signature, stylish Corian® surfaces. What makes this unique is what's underneath.

Hidden from view is a transmitter that powers up smartphones, tablets and more, wirelessly. Energy is transferred safely from below the Corian® surface, to a smart device – charging stops when your battery is full. For more info, see our Technical Specs.

Purchase charging rings

Charging Surface options are available for all Corian® and Zodiaq® colors.

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Watch and find out more about wireless charging.

Any part of your home that integrates a solid surface can power up with a Corian® Charging Surface. Kitchen countertops, breakfast nooks, bathroom counters, dining areas and more – wireless charging keeps your home, and your smart devices, at full capacity.

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