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Power up smart devices, wirelessly.

DuPont Corian® Charging Surface

The wireless charging solid surface -
Now available.

how to power up


Connect a receiver - a ring or charging case, to your smart device.


Put your device on the charging spot, and power up.

Charging Surface options are available for all Corian® and Zodiaq® colors.

Durable, stain resistant, easy-to-clean – every stylish hue and pattern of Corian®, is available for wireless charging integration. Not only does its nearly seamless form provide virtually limitless design options, Corian® Charging Surface is the perfect addition to modern smart homes, retail environments and more.

How does it power up?
Just below the Corian® Charging Surface, a transmitter transfers energy wirelessly to a receiver within or attached to your smart device. The proprietary Powermatrix app tracks the charging process. Plus, the surface is smart - charging stops when your device has reached maximum battery capacity. It’s the ideal solution for kitchens, hospitality areas – anywhere!

Contact us to power up your home, business or design projects with Corian® Charging Surface today.

Watch and find out more about wireless charging.

Power up your smart device without wires or cords. It’s convenient, and with the array of design options and benefits that Corian® and Zodiaq® can provide, homeowners, designers and business-owners alike can bring the future to the surface.

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