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The Creator loves anything quirky; what most people shy away from, he embraces. Mixed media, textures and inspirations make the color palette. From pairing water blues with coffee browns, this is experimentation at its bravest.

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Visit The Creator’s inspiration board for more ideas.

With an eye for modern sophistication, The Entertainer is comfortable no matter where they are—which is usually the very center of any situation. Graphic red and black contrast for a high-end feel, but are softened with warm taupe and golden yellow for a truly sophisticated theme. 
Visit The Entertainer’s inspiration board for more ideas.

Wearing one hat is never enough. The Multi-Tasker approaches life at full force—balancing and adjusting to the moment to meet it with exuberance. A family-friendly palette that is fresh, realistic, modern and classic—and infused with a
much-needed jolt of coffee.

Visit The Multi-Tasker’s inspiration board for more ideas.

The Socialite knows confidence is her best accessory. She is self-assured at home and at work—always leading by example. Lighter grays and warm tones of sand are balanced by rich, jet black to create a feeling of luxury and longevity. 
Visit The Socialite’s inspiration board for more ideas.
The world is their inspiration. The Traveler mixes the best objects found in their travels—things that have an international significance to their life—to create a multi-cultural lifestyle. Anything exotic and unique is their normal; pottery clay, cobalt and indigo their color palette. 
Visit The Traveler’s inspiration board for more ideas.

Their space may be mismatched, but every piece in their home tells a story. The Collector mixes textures from found objects with more classic styles for a palette based on rich browns and dark lichen. Light is brought in by sunshine yellow and soft greens. 
Visit The Collector’s inspiration board for more ideas.

Being “one with nature” is their way of life. The Naturalist feels most at home in the great outdoors and strives to bring a sense of well-being into their home. Soft buttery browns complement light beige and cream tones while speckle textures commonly found in stone and granite inspire solid surfaces. 
Visit The Naturalist’s inspiration board for more ideas.

Zodiaq® Black


Corian® Clove

Corian® Deep

Black Quartz

Corian® Azurite


Designer White

Corian® Cobalt



Zodiaq® Indus


Zodiaq® Giallo


Corian® Suede

Corian® Deep

Corian® Night

Corian® Lime

Corian® Burled





Corian® Pine

Blueberry Ice

Corian® Juniper

Corian® Siver


Corian® Deep


Corian® Sand

Corian® Cameo


Zodiaq® Antique


Corian® Cinnabar

Corian® Aztec


Corian® Saffron

Zodiaq® Borealis


Corian® Deep

Night Sky

Corian® Earth

Corian® Copperite

Corian® Sun

Corian® Olivite


Corian® Oat

Corian® Cilantro
Zodiaq® Coarse



Zodiaq® Mossy


Zodiaq® Smokey


Corian® Aqualite
Corian® Antarctica
Corian® Granola

Corian® Rice


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